Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Didn't fall off the earth...

So, a lot has happened since last time I wrote on my blog. Family emergency, change of plans, feeling frustrated, starting a side business, etc. I am at a better place now and I am getting ready to move to Seattle. I postponed school to January because my dad was hospitalized and needed someone to take care of him. I am still looking for a roommate in Seattle and I am feeling a bit stressed out about the move and not being able to find funding for my first year.

But on the up side, I am glad Christmas is around the corner so I can spend time with my family before I move. It will be a difficult good-bye when I leave but I am excited about moving to a new city. I will be there for a while so I can really establish some good friendships.

There will be more interesting blog posts once I move to Seattle and things start to move and shake. I am really excited about the classes I will be taking and the new friends I will make. I will keep you posted!


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