Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pokhara Part II

July 29, 2011

It's been raining all morning so Maureen and I have to change our plans. We were going to go on a hike to World Peace Pagoda and then to Devi's Fall but we decide to postpone that until the rain stops. Maureen suggests we go do some kind of yoga/meditation and on the way we spot a foreigner we saw the night before whose backside looks a lot like our friend Tim Vogeler. He looks way cuter in day light. We really want to hang out with our Nepali Tim but didn't have the courage to look like desperate psychos asking,"Can we be your friends?" with buggy eyes. So, we just stare like he's meat on legs.

After our session of chakra healing, we head over to the river to hike up to World Peace Pagoda. I have flip-flops on and I ask one of the boat drivers if it would be possible to climb up in my flip-flops. He says most of the path is made of gravel so I should be fine. We cross the river and start our hike and I quickly realize that there is no gravel in sight--it's all rocks. I curse him with every step to World Peace Pagoda.

We reach the top after two hours. The view is beautiful. Like a dutiful tourist, I read about the multi-purpose of this pagoda and the history of Buddhism on a large stone wall knowing I won't remember a thing.

Before we descend, we decide to grab lunch at a restaurant nearby. We are both starving. I order two main dishes (one in the guise of an appetizer), and a dessert. Maureen and I gush about how good the food is between our bites and how amazing the view is.

With a full stomach and a renewed spirit, we hiked down to find Devi's Fall. Maureen tells me it's a really cool water fall that disappears into a cave. We walk and walk and walk and we see no fall that disappears into a cave. Then, we spot a small fall that disappears into a hole. Maureen takes a picture of it just in case this is it. We reach the end of the trail in bewilderment with a frustrated mind full of what-the-hecks. "No way! Was that it?!" Unable to accept the crushing reality, we ask a little boy where Devi's Fall is. He points to the left. Still doubtful, we follow his direction into town.

In town, cows lazily meander about causing traffic on the road. We walk for about a mile wondering if we are in the right vicinity and if this thing actually exists. Then suddenly, Maureen spots a big festive entry sign that says Devi's Fall. We are so happy we hadn't already seen it.

We go through the entrance gate and behold the real Devi's Fall. And it's cool. Really cool. We pose for pictures and then for some more pictures and gawk at the awesomeness of this fall. After stupidly staring at it for some time, we decide to walk around the surrounding area. If there is one thing that I don't miss when I travel is an opportunity to throw a coin into a wish pond. And this time is not an exception. Maureen and I dig our wallets for coins and start throwing one coin after another for it to land on the "wish spot" so we can actually make a wish. Peripherally, I notice about five guys staring at us. When we turn around after our many failed attempts, one of the guys calls out to give us more coins. We accept and my last coin lands on the wish spot! We give our thanks (and my email address so we can be Facebook "friends") and turn around. I say to Maureen, "We gotta be more specific." And I make my wish: Please send us two *hot* men to hang out, or have a fling with, or marry. Thank you.

We take a cab back home to get ready for our real adventure in Parewadanda early next morning.

Maureen rowing on the lake

On the way up to World Peace Pagoda

World Peace Pagoda

On our way to find Devi's Fall

On our way to find Devi's Fall II

Going into town

Devi's Fall!


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