Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Self-Acceptance Day 6

So, I missed another day of blogging. Before I started on this path of self-acceptance, I would have felt guilty about missing a day. Now that I am on my way to really embrace myself, I feel guilty only a little bit. :) And I don't have a good excuse. I didn't blog simply because I didn't want to.

When you identify solely with your ego, you can end up living in your head, feeling distant from your heart and disembodied from your true nature. You then feel an increasing sense of aloneness. You think you're separated from the world, but in fact, you're cut off from your Unconditioned Self.

Without self-acceptance, you feel exiled from yourself, experiencing the world as an unfriendly universe. Life feels like hard work, a big struggle, with obstacles everywhere. Your ego feels helpless, incapable and ultimately defeated. Only when you make contact with your true nature again will you find clarity, flow and inspiration.

This is exactly I how felt only a month ago. Being OK with being me is such a liberating experience. I feel the universe is on my side. I hope I remember this feeling in the future when I get down and depressed.


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