Monday, August 16, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

Go get this book NOW! I loved this book. I mentioned this book earlier in my Spiritual Recovery posts, but I will briefly reiterate its premise.

Elizabeth Gilbert is a devorcee who goes to Italy to pursue worldly pleasure, India to practice spirituality, and Indonesia to balance the two. It's an extraordinary memoir of her journey as she regains her mental, physical, emotional and mental health and discovers a source of lasting strength and courage.

And of course, this book wouldn't be complete without a love story. She meets a Brazilian man named Felipe and when he first sees her (well, the back of her, to be exact) at a party, he says to himself, "That is my woman. I am going to do anything to have her." Wouldn't it be just fantastic to have your soul-mate recognize your backside and pursue you like a madman? That night, I prayed a very sincere prayer that this would happen to me someday.


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