Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Year's Resolution

I have been thinking about this for a long time now. Ever since I moved to Korea, I feel I have gotten much more critical, irritable and impatient. I think it's because of my working environment and the people I closely work with. A year ago, pre-Korea, I was a much nicer person and it is my goal to become a better human being for the year 2011. I have two main goals and other follow-up goals to help accomplish my main goals: I want to be more selfless and humble. In order to accomplish my goals, I will read the New Testament with a supplemental guide (An Introduction to the New Testament by Raymond E. Brown, recommended by a friend and has excellent reviews), go to the temple more often, and pray more fervently for help (not for humility because if I do, the heavens will open and pour down tragedies upon me). Another friend also recommended me a book called Fear No Evil: The Pathwork Method of Transforming the Lower Self by Eva Pierrakos and Donovan Thesenga and that' also on my reading list.

Speaking of reading, I am back to reading a book a week since my school applications are in and I have my life back. :) I am going to make this year the best year of my life yet!


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