Monday, January 24, 2011

How to be happy--proven by science!

This New York Times bestseller, written by Jill Bolte Taylor, offers a fascinating insight into how the human brain functions and how that affects our lives and sense of reality. Taylor was a Harvard-trained brain scientist who suffered a massive stroke that damaged a part of the left hemisphere of her brain which impaired her speech, linguistic comprehension, ability to do math, and decipher physical boundaries and lines. Because her left side of the brain was damaged, her right side of the brain "felt" free to dominate her consciousness which left her feeling deeply at peace, connected to the universe while the constant brain-chatter and the looping of past stories stopped completely. It took her 8 years to recover completely and she shares her insight about life and the human body as she chose to selectively recover only those neuro-circuits that were helpful to living a good, happy life. She chose to leave the circuits that contained emotional baggage of the past, fear, and pain and how we too can have control over which neuro-circuits to run, thereby change our perception of reality and eventually change the quality of our lives and become happy.

I highly, highly recommend this book.

Here is Jill Bolte Taylor giving a talk on TED.


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