Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love at Twenty-Three, Success at Forty-Nine

This is a love/success story of a Korean business woman who elopes with an American Catholic Priest who is 26 years her senior. Sounds like an interesting pitch for a Korean drama but, no. This is an autobiography of Joanne Lee, chairperson of Star Communications--an international consulting company based in Seoul.

Her success story was astounding and impressive but to an unmarried thirty year-old, her love story was much more appealing. She developed an innocent friendship with the founding president of Seo-gang University in Seoul while she was a student there. He was a devout Catholic priest and she was a smart, nerdy loner.

Friendship developed into love and a series of unfortunate events followed as they tried to "date"(think college kid trying to date a senior Mormon missionary) and "get hitched" (think Mormon missionary trying to get married on his mission. Imagine the face of the mission president, but in this case fellow priests and THE POPE.).

They eloped to America and after long months of waiting, they got a letter from the pope granting him release from his priesthood. They got married and lived happily until he died.

This was no ordinary love, folks. It made me believe that intelligent, selfless, kind men exist somewhere in this universe although they may have be to be preserved through the confinement of religious celibacy and marital ban.

P.S. This book is in Korean so if you want to read it and you can't read Korean, you are kind of out of luck.


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