Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fashion and school

Today was the second week of class. I dressed up a little more than last week although I didn't wear heels. I haven't dressed up like this for school since my first year at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. (Most of you don't know this but once upon a time, I was an aspiring fashion designer.) It's work to have to dress up like this.

Toward the end of my first year at FIDM, I remember feeling so fed up with the commercial, materialistic side of fashion that I decided to go on strike. I stopped wearing make-up, put my hair in a pony-tail, wore jeans, big baggy shirts, and sneakers. I boycotted my own closet. I went to school like this every day among students who patented their looks with a pride of an artist. I was making a statement against excess, materialism, and commercialism. I was embracing my own version of Waldenian transcendentalism in the middle of Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, nobody knew what I was doing. They probably thought the stress and pressure of the business were getting to me as I became increasingly ratty. (I remember a lecturer doing a double take as he passed by me.) Too bad my intentions didn't translate. I left fashion school after that quarter and never looked back.

I am not against looking good but having to dress up to keep up with the Kims, Lees and Parks is not my cup of tea. So, this whole thing about dressing up for school to fit in is going down the drain starting next week. But before this day is over, I must say I am looking pretty dang good right now.


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