Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Writer's Blog from the Get-Go

My friend Shaun and I had talked about writing a musical together for like a decade. One of us would always ask the other, "So, when is this going to happen?" to which one of us would reply, "Soon. Soon." Writing a musical is such a daunting task. I would be in charge of the story, organizing the structure of the musical and of course, the lyrics. Shaun would be composing the music. But a couple of days ago, I suggested that we first write a few of songs together before we take on the monstrous project.
So, I am supposed to send Shaun some lyrics for him to write the music to next week. And I am totally at a loss as to what to write and how to write it. I will be pulling out some hair over the weekend. But the good news is that we will have a few original songs to publish and share with you all! And that's exciting. I hoping to complete the lyrics to the first song today and send it off to Shaun so wish me luck!


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