Sunday, August 26, 2012

In the Galaxies of an Eye

I have never publicly shared my poems (I don't write them very often anyways) but since I have a blog, I have decided to sheepishly make my debut. Sharing personal poetry is like standing in front of an audience naked. It's like turning my heart inside out. But I think I am in a safe place so here it is: (Ick!)

there are galaxies of  galaxies in an eye
it may be in there,  you know
the answer to a soul's yearning for meaning
it's somehow in the glitter of an eye

a question that lingers and returns
as the soft blades of baby leaves turn brown
and the delicate membrane of a dew drop gives way
to the inevitability of the passing of a season
and the inevitability of its return

leaves come back in blossoms of buds
dews arrive wrapped in aqueous blankets
they forget their fleeting existence
the soul receives no comfort

but in the stillness of our heartbeats
I notice the galaxies of another's eye

maybe the answer is in there
in the sparkle,
in the beauty
in the mystery
in the love
of a soul that doesn't want to wait
but is ready to fly


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