Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Self-Acceptance Day 46 (or something like that)

Okay. I fell off the wagon. But this whole self-acceptance thing has really increased my awareness about my self-perception. Through this process, I've learned many things about myself but the one lesson that stuck with me is that I am already good enough despite my imperfection. And my personal justification for this allowance of imperfection stems from my understanding of the atonement of Jesus Christ. As long as I am "plugged" into the wholeness and the perfectness of Christ, I can feel whole and I can be happy. I can be generous with myself and forgive. Then, it's easier to love and forgive others. Even if one is not a believer in Christianity, one can still benefit from staying in tuned with the Higher Being or Universal Energy or whatever makes sense to him/her.

I hope I continue to remember this. My biggest obstacle is becoming complacent and forgetful. I need to remember, remember and remember before a tragedy befalls to remind me. :)


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