Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Funny Bit of Korean Life

I feel guilty for neglecting my blog and ignoring the needs and demands of my fans (yes, all 6 of my followers!). I am working on a very interesting piece, so just you wait. Meanwhile I have a funny story that I must relate.

My friend Erin just signed a contract for her high-end apartment she will be renting for a year. Her Korean real estate agent took her inside the apartment to explain which buttons to push for her high-tech joint and when she got to the bidet part (if you don't know what a bidet is, Google it.)this is how the conversation went. (Keep in mind that the real estate agent is a very prim and proper Korean lady.)

Agent: This button is for number 1 and this button is for number 2.

Erin: (Trying to decipher whether no. 1 and no.2 were what she thought they were...) What do you mean?

Agent: You know, number 1 is for peeing and number 2 is for your asshole.

Erin: Your asshole?

Agent: Yes, your asshole.

Erin: (Starts laughing her head off)

Agent: (Panicking) What? Isn't that how you say it? Isn't it asshole?

Erin: (Coming to herself) Yes, it is but you don't really say the word. It's a curse word.

Agent: (Astonished) Really? I had no idea! What do you call it then?

Erin: Well, we don't usually say the word to indicate the asshole. We just describe the general area where it is located. We say bottom.

Agent: Oh okay.

Gotta love the American who taught her that.


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